Puebla, Mexico

Be amazed with the splendor of its elegant colonial buildings, its streets and flavors that honor its nickname "the city of the angels".

Legend has it that after the construction of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, engineers and architects wondered how to carry a bell of 8000 kilos. One morning, residents awoke to the news that it was already at the top. This legend is responsible for this beautiful city being called Puebla de los Angeles.



Unlike many places in Mexico, Puebla is not a Mesoamerican city; it was a new city, built by the Spanish alongside the pre-Columbian town of Cholula. A river divided it, with the Spanish on one side and the indigenous population across the water. Nowadays, while the divide and the river no longer exist, the famous Talavera tiles can be found on what was the Spanish side, and the hill where the battle of Cinco de Mayo is commemorated is found on what was the indigenous side. There’s still a noticeable difference in the grandness of the architecture when crossing over the road from one side to the other. 


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